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About Pintail Farms Photo Galleries

We have had to split the Photo Gallery into separate pages to handle all the great hunting pictures we have to show. Mike Jolley takes outstanding hunting pictures and the 2007-2008 season is looking to be one of the best in a long time. You will definitely want to visit the other Photo Gallery Pages also. If you enjoy great hunting pictures, we have them. If you enjoy pictures of hunting and hunters! We've added a Youth Photo Show along with several others. They are best viewed by selecting the "View Photo Show" link, and enlarging the new window to full size and speakers turned to a comfortable level.

Photo Galleries
January 2008 Photo Gallery
December 2007 Photo Gallery
November 2007 Photo Gallery
October 2007 Photo Gallery
September 2007 Photo Gallery
January 2007 Photo Gallery
December 2006 Photo Gallery
November 2006 Photo Gallery
October 2006 Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

Photo Shows and Video
Hunting Dogs at Pintail Farms Photo Show
Hunters and Dogs Photo Show
Youth Photo Show
Duck Man Video
Pintail Farms Lodge

Our Photo Galleries are dedicated to the enjoyment of hunting. It's with great pleasure that we can share the joy of hunting we and our patrons experience. At the same time we spend a great deal of concern, time and private capital for the preservation of species. Our lake acreage has more than doubled to 400+ acres (this year), since joining the Texas Wetlands Reserve Program when we did. Continued "Good Standing" in the program also mandates professional vegetation management such as planting large feed plots of millet, smartweed and other species specific favored feed sources.

The folks in Louisiana have a well known saying that pretty well describes what you are going to find in our hunting galleries here:

Join us by clicking on any thumbnail in our photo galleries to view a larger image. When through viewing, simply click your browser "back" button to return and view another.
Waterfowl Hunters
Waterfowl Hunter Waterfowl Hunter 2 Waterfowl Hunter  3 Waterfowl Hunter 4 Waterfowl Hunter 5
Waterfowl Hunter 6 Waterfowl Hunter 7 Waterfowl Hunter 8 Waterfowl Hunter 9 Waterfowl Hunter 10
Waterfowl Hunter 11 Waterfowl Hunter 12 Waterfowl Hunter 13 Waterfowl Hunter 14 Waterfowl Hunter 15
Dove Hunter Photos
Dove Hunter Dove Hunter 2 Dove Hunter 3 Dove Hunter 4  
Waterfowl On The Water
Waterfowl Dove Hunter 2 Dove Hunter 3 Dove Hunter 4 Dove Hunter 5
Northern Pintail Photos
Northern Pintail - 1 Northern Pintail - 2 Northern Pintail - 3 Northern Pintail - 4  
Canadian Geese Snow Geese in Flight White Fronted Geese - 1 White Fronted Geese - 2 White Fronted Geese - 3
Waterfowl In Flight
Waterfowl in flight Waterfowl in flight 2 Waterfowl in flight 3 Waterfowl in flight 4 Waterfowl in flight 5
Waterfowl in flight 6 Waterfowl in flight 7 Waterfowl in flight 8 Waterfowl in flight 9 Waterfowl in flight 10
Hunting Dogs (Retrievers and Gun Dogs)
Working Dog Working Dog 2 Working Dog 3 Working Dog 4 Working Dog 5
Working Dog 6 Working Dog 7 Working Dog 8 Working Dog 9 Working Dog 10
Pintail Farms; Facilities, Land & Lodge
Pintail Farms Property Lodge Lodge 2 Lodge 4 Lodge 5
Pintail Farms Property 2 Pintail Farms Property 3 Pintail Farms Property 4 Pintail Farms Property 5 Pintail Farms Property 6
Pintail Farms Property 7 Pintail Farms Property 8 Pintail Farms Property 9 Sunrise at Pintail Farms Sunrise at Pintail Farms 2
Buck Buck 2 Buck 3 Buck 4 Buck 5
Game Cam
Game Cam Game Cam 2 Game Cam 3 Game Cam 4 Game Cam 5
Other wildlife at Pintail Farms
American Bittern Hawk Raccoon Albino Squirrel Mike, a teal, and a beaver
Local Weather

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