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Pintail Farms - Rules & Regulations
  • A Pintail Farms membership entitles its members to an entire waterfowl season of hunting and first class lodging.

  • National members living more than 400 miles from pintail farms can join for half the price and receive same benefits as local members.

  • Members are entitled to bring three guest, but each guest is only allowed to come 3 times a year. Family members are not considered guest. Members only on opening day, opening day of the split and the last weekend of the season. All guests must accompany and hunt with their respective member .

  • Guides available on request basis, there will be an extra charge when using our guide service for all hunters. Pintail Farms will need advance notice to schedule a guide.

  • Each morning 1 hour before sunrise, there will be a drawing for assigned blinds, we will then leave the lodge for the morning shoot. All parties must return to the lodge by 12.00. For the afternoon hunts we will draw at 3.00 . All hunters shall stop at the legal shooting hours at the end of each day.

  • Each morning and afternoon 1 hour prior to shooting time there will be a drawing for blinds management at Pintail Farms. It is your responsibility to let Pintail Farms know if you have guests, and how many dogs are along. Once assigned a blind please proceed to the nearest parking area to your blind. Your diligence is always appreciated when traveling to and from the blinds.

  • Please be sure and keep your birds with you at all times. When you return to the lodge after each hunt, immediately tag your birds and if you have guests make sure theirs are tagged as well.

  • Club will be closed on Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Pintail Farms reserves right to offer corporate hunts at management discretion.

  • Pintail Farms reserves the right to cancel membership to any member that does not follow the rules & regulations.

  • Pintail Farms is not responsible for any member that breaks the rules for the hunting regulations in Texas Parks & Wildlife guide.

  • Please mark the daily kill chart prior to leaving each day. Remind your blind partners to record their birds as well.

  • Please remember to take your trash and shotgun hulls out of the blind with you after each hunt.

  • Be careful not to damage the grass or camouflage on the blinds, it’s one of the reasons we have good hunting.

  • Make gun safety a priority at all times. Keep your safety on at all times. Never shoot over anyone’s head or across to the other side of the blind. All guns are to be unloaded at all times when at lodge.

  • Always park your vehicle to make room for others. Do not block the main road to and from the lakes, near the lodge.

  • Please no phone calls to Pintail Farms Lodge prior to 8:00 a.m. Even if you are late!

  • Keep all dogs on a leash or in a kennel while at the lodge.

We hope you have a great season!

Pintail Farms Waterfowl Hunting Club

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